Current Class Series

Here you will find a current list of the various classes I will be offering this year at conventions around the country. As the classes are scheduled, information will be added.

For all class offerings, unless it is an intermediate or higher class, no experience is necessary. If possible and if your costume allows it, please wear shoes with a flexible sole, or, if the floor is carpeted, you are welcome to wear socks.

It is never a bad idea to bring water, as you will be moving around. Small breaks will be built into the class for water and stretching.

Please let me know if you have any physical issues, and we will work around them.

For all of our classes, we work very hard to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone. Please let me know your preferred pronouns, any boundaries with touching you might have – anything at all. Dance is for everyone.

Court Dancing: +1 Performance, +1 Diplomacy

In your eternal quest for just one more point of diplomacy at formal elven functions, why not explore dance? No experience? Not a problem – we’ll take you from novice to experienced courtier in no time flat!

Ten Thousand Pounds a Year: Regency Dance

Calling all Janeites, Mr. Darcys, and various Dashwood sisters: Regency dance is much more fun than a turn about the room. Dancers of all experience levels are invited to learn some of the beautiful dances of the Regency. No experience necessary, all steps and dances will be taught, along with some insight into the ballrooms of the period. 

Party Like it’s 1099!

Group dances are fun, easy, get you moving, and designed for everyone. Join us to learn some quick, easy, fun, and hilarious dances and be ready for the next post-adventure party. No experience necessary, multiple left feet accommodated. 

Dance, Magic Dance

Learn to glide effortlessly through some court dances fit for Titania’s masquerade ball. Drawing inspiration from Labyrinth, Legend, and Shakespeare, indulge your inner Sidhe and add some beauty to your weekend. Sparkly and full of magic, these dances work even if you’re wearing wings, which is wholeheartedly encouraged! Masks to take home will be provided.

Beginning Celtic Dance

Do you hear Celtic music and feel your spirit move? Do pipes stir your soul? Does the sound of the bodhran make you want to dance? Do you then get to the show and wonder what in the heck you are supposed to do with your feet? Wonder no more! Learn the basics of Irish and Scottish dance and dance to your heart’s content. No experience necessary, but do wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Intermediate Celtic Dance

You’ve learned the steps, now what? In the intermediate class, learn to put them together for some easy solo and group dances. Prior experience with Celtic dance or our Beginning Celtic Dance will make the class easier. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Ceilidh Dance for Everyone

The scene: A bar in the Highlands, musicians at the ready, and there you stand on the dance floor. What to do? Time to Ceilidh! We will be teaching group dances from the seven Celtic Nations that are easy, fun, and will get you through any unexpected late night dance parties. No experience necessary!

Renaissance Discotheque!

Feel like learning some ways to get down on the dance floor, 16th Century style? Do we have the class for you! We’ll be teaching an array of dances for court, country, and afterparty. No experience necessary, all steps and figures will be taught. 

How to Be a Bard!

Bards are finally beginning to get some long overdue love from the community. Instead of restacking your bonuses to make your performance skill higher, why not learn a few of the real bardic arts? Learn a few naughty songs, a little dance, practice sharpening your rapier wit, and possibly some new, terrible puns. Your gaming group will love you for it. Hopefully.    

Counts to Nine