Wedding Choreography

Update for 2021: I am fully vaccinated, and available for work!

Planning a wedding – especially a themed wedding – can be extremely stressful. Allow us to take away one of those stressors for you and let Counts to Nine plan your on-theme wedding dance. I specialize in teaching people who are nervous about dance and whom have never done so before, so rest assured that we can develop something that will both fit your vision and be a moment of calm during your reception.

I am also well-versed in choreographing and teaching groups of dancers from all skill levels – so if your plans include a specialized number for your wedding party, I can make that happen. No one will cry, we’ll have a lot of fun, and it’ll be a moment to remember at your reception.

To round out your day, if you’ve ever wanted to see all your guests dancing – I can help with that as well! From choosing easy-to-follow dances, teaching day-of, finding music or musicians, and making sure your guests are happy and enjoying themselves, Counts to Nine is here for all your wedding dance needs.

Please feel free to drop me an email at whitney at countstonine dot com, and we can begin!